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Podcast where a few nerdy friends take the time to come with an impromptu scenario for D&D. Creating clean content to inspire and entertain you and future nerds through games & pop culture.

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On Blank Scenario one person presents a prompt inspired by something the saw in the real world, and create a D&D scenario from there. Prompts range from billboards, songs, memes, art installations, kid's shows, facebook articles, new headlines, and so on. 

Other segments of the show include Blank Mechanic, where we work out a mechanic to use in scenarios we've made. We also have Blank Campaign, where Casey and Marie build a campaign from the world up. 

In our newest segment of Blank Monster, Marie brings some ideas for under/over used monsters from the Monster Manual. 

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top Scenarios:

Not sure where to start? Check out some of out top episodes here! 

Killer Squirrel Scenario

In this scenario, we start from a Texas news story about an evil squirrel and spin it into a whole D&D one shot. 

Traveling Artificer Scenario

How many plot hooks come from your party coming across a traveling artificer? The possibilities are never ending.

Golden Rule Scenario

What would a self-help group for bad guys look like in D&D? Maybe just a town of alignment change, but oh the chaos that still causes.

Lightning Round Scenarios

How many scenario prompts can we make it through? As many as coffee will allow! And, go!

Accidental Lich Next Door Scenario

We make a random NPC into a lich, creating the (in)famous Accidental Lich Michael Malloy!

A "Health" Oil Salesman Scenario

Need a health potion? Then you should buy only the purest, responsibly sourced health potion. Just don't question the source!

Lord of the Bros Scenario

There was a meme going around about adding "bro" to the end of Lord of the Rings quotes. You know where this is going.

MOre episodes:

We cover more than just story topics! Check out our expanding list of episodes. 

Blank Mechanic

Need help making indepth NPCs? Or ideas for a race? We move to the nitty gritty of running a game and focus on creating a mechanic to use with our story ideas. 

Blank Campaign - D&D Land of Donum

So begins the Land of Donum! In these episodes we create a world from scratch, and build a campaign within it.

Blank Monster

In these bite sized episodes, Marie works her way through the Monster Manual A-Z for some unique story ideas for different monsters.

Blank Scenario Actual Plays

We take some of our ideas for a test run with our friends. Serious or silly, they are always fun!

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