Dreadful Tales

By Potato Candy Network

Let's all admit it... there's just something about the darker side of things. Sometimes we want to feel just a little bit scared.

Utilizing systems "Monster of the Week", "Little Fears" and more, Casey leads our players through chilling tales which keep you on the edge of your seat until the last music sting rolls.

Tune in to the chills! 

Join us as our Game Master Casey runs us through ongoing stories in alternating horror rpgs. 

In Little Fears, a group of orphans find themselves fighting to protect themselves and their new family.

In Monster of the Week, our covert team of Keypers fight the monsters in the shadow and discover the world isn't as black-and-white as they thought. 

Our latest one-on-one, The Island, is set in the Weird West on a island of bizarre creatures. 

We also release special one-shots around the holiday season to help you get into the spooky spirit!

The Keypers

The Curious Case of Herald Guest

A covert group of monster hunters are tasked with investigating a chain of destroyed towns, dealing with a bigger threat than expected. 

Ties that Bind 

2020 Halloween One Shot 

This Halloween season, we go back to colonial times. A group of bounty hunters have tracked down a wanted criminal, only to find out someone may have beaten them to the catch. 

The Lost Ones 

Chapter One: Something Wicked

Walter, Stevie, and Jane find themselves in the same foster home. At first all seems normal, but an unearthly presence pushes the kids to take action to protect their new family. 

The Keypers 

The Case of the Lost Legion

The team must travel to a secret facility in Scotland to discover what secrets are uncovering themselves.  

Lost in Translation 

2021 Halloween One Shot

Using the Call of Cthulhu RPG, Marie sends our investigators out to the English countryside in search of an old friend. What he discovered could change them forever though. 

The Lost Ones 

Chapter Two: Welcome to My Nightmare

Halloween season is a time for candy and fun costumes, a favorite time for our orphans. But what happens when the scares become more than cardboard and masks?

I Remain

2022 Christmas Special

In a modern gothic ghost story, Autumn is housesitting for some extra cash. But a bizarre instruction from the owner sparks her curiosity and unburies a mystery within the house itself. 

THE KEYpers 

Operation Momento Monstrum

The Keypers embark on a personal mission to a small village in Russia. Both the past and the future await them.

The Island 

A Weird West Solo Game

Meet Clarice, a civil war deserter who has found herself in the strangest of places: an island in the middle of nowhere. But the locatin of the island isn't the strangest thing on the island, as our hero learns far too well. 

Tune in for more scary fun!